Jonha Fall

    About 45 kms away from Ranchi situated on the Ranchi-Purulia Highway, is the Jonha Falls, named after the local village. It is also known as the Gautamdhara, as there is a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha, in its vicinity. The rocks here seem to beckon you down its natural gradient to join the frothy gurgling water of the River. The fall appears relatively more somber, enhancing the picturesque charm of the spot.

    How to Reach

    The site is well connected with both rail and bus routes.

    Nearest Railway Station: Jonha Station is 1.5 km away from Jonha Fall

    By Road: Take the Ranchi-Purulia Road and after traveling 32 kms then travel about 4.8 kms off main road

    Distance from Ranchi: 40 kms

    Nearest Airport: Ranchi